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We are going to LONDON!

We are thrilled to be able to offer this life-changing experience to theatre students at Denmark High School!

Get ready to make sime memories! Explore London, visit historic sites, watch amazing shows and taste new foods. This will be a trip to remember!

All attendees MUST register. To do so, click on the button below:

Mandatory Trip Meetings

We have scheduled 2 mandatory trip meetings to ensure everyone is informed about all trip details and required travel documents. All attendees MUST BE PRESENT accompanied by a parent or representative.

November 30th | 7:00pm

March 14th       | 7:00pm


DPA Theater


Communication is key to the success of this trip. Please ensure you stay on top of communications regarding the trip. We want to ensure everyone is informed at all times so PLEASE take a second to download the Stack Team App

TEAM APP | London Group

This is how you will stay informed about all trip related news and reminders. Follow the intrustions on the image to download and join the group

team_app_brochure (4).png


London Trip Info Group

For Kids, parents and


This group will be used to share travel status, pictures and updates with parents while we are abroad



London Travelers Group

ONLY for kids

and chaperones

This group is strictly for group communication while

in London

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Houses of Parliament
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