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  1. Passport - Please upload your passport info and a photo of your passport HERE
    DUE December 23, 2023  (All attending)

  2. Copy of Passport (All attending)

  3. Notarized Travel Consent Form (Only those under 18)
    Fill out form | Print it | Get it notarized
    Please fill these fields with the information below:
    Name(s) of Adult(s) travelling with child Maria Miller
    Adult's Relationship to child Theatre Director

  4. Medical consent/allergy and medications form (All attending regardless of age)
    Print out form | Fill it out

  5. Traveling Alone Form (All students - Required by British Airways - see use below in the Behavior section)

  6. Cell Phone
    We recommend you contact your provider and add an international plan for the travel week

  7. Form of Payment
    Apple Pay (connected to phone) credit or debit card that can be used internationally
    Note: Please inform your financial institution that the card will be used abroad



In Google Maps pre-download the London map and pin the hotel address

Meeting #1 Presentation 12.7.23

Meeting #2 Presentation 3.4.24


As you travel abroad, you are representing your family, your school, your community, and your country. As such you are expected to behave properly and follow the Travel Rules outlined below.  


Please understand that a violation of the rules will result in the student

being sent home unaccompanied at the parents expense.  


All parents need to fill out the Traveling Alone Form above and attach a copy of their ID to it. This form will only be used in the case that a child needs to be sent home and is required by British Airways.  Please leave all flight information blank and we will complete it once flights are confirmed. 



Travel Illustration.png

Links for all the travel gear we recommend can be found in the description of the video above.

Click on the YouTube icon in the video to watch in YouTube and access the links.


To help you pack we have added a packing list below that you can download!

When getting on the plane you
will look something like this!

Rolling Carry-On

 22 x 18 x 10 inches


16 x 12 x 6 inches inches


  1. Curling Irons, hair straighteners or blow dryers.
    They will blow up because of the electricity difference. They also don't work well with adapters

  2. Expensive cameras, speakers or jewelry.
    Please refrain from bringing along anything that you don't want to loose

  3. High Heels.
    We will be walking ALOT! Streets are also not condusive to wearing high heels so make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

  4. An additional purse.
    You will only need a day pack (In the MUST HAVES above) A purse counts as a carry-on item, which would mean you could not bring a backpack.

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